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CURFConfidentialised Unit Record File (various organizations)
CURFCenter for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (University of Pennsylvania)
CURFConcordia University, River Forest
CURFCooper Union Research Foundation (est. 1976)
CURFColumbia Union Revolving Fund (Columbia Union Conference)
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It was a day I'll long remember, a story Curf and I will share for seasons to come and an experience I am determined to pass on to waterfowling's future--the kids.
(11) ABS Education and Training Experience CURF, catalogue number 6278.0, 2001; Glossary.
There are 2,413 manufacturing SMEs legally organized as proprietary companies in the BLS CURF, representing approximately 71% of manufacturing SMEs in the file.
(1) ABS CURF data from the Education and Work Survey 2005.
Separate adjustment factors were included in the CURF for a range of age groups for each gender.
This research is concerned only with the manufacturing sector of the BLS CURF. Over 99 percent of all businesses in the Australian manufacturing sector are SMEs according to generally accepted definitions (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1996).
The main data set used to estimate the costs of disability and its impact on poverty is the confidentilaised unit record file (curf) based on the Household Expenditure Survey, 1998-99 (HES).
The public use file, known as the "Confidentialised Unit Record File", i.e., the CURF, includes information at the person, household, and activity levels.
Data from the 2000 survey is available from ABS as a confidentialised unit record file (CURF).