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CURIClemson University Restoration Institute (est. 2004; Charleston, SC)
CURICredit Union Resources, Inc.
CURICollege-University Resource Institute (Washington, DC)
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In this role, Farrelly will lead Curi's underwriting operations nationwide, with a focus on evolving the company's offerings in medical professional liability insurance, alternative risk, and other products.
2018), and Si[O.sub.2] obtained by SADM reflects only the composition of the clay fraction (Curi and Kampf 2012).
Curi and other organizers hope to raise both $30,000 for the project and awareness of the school run by the De La Salle brothers and volunteer teachers.
In Lavras, in the south of Minas Gerais (Cwb mesothermal or tropical highland climate, according to the Koppen classification), a mean productivity of 12,379, 1kg [ha.sup.-1] was recorded during the first productive cycle for the 'Brazos' cultivar, and this was surpassed during the second year of production with 20,032.1kg [ha.sup.-1] (CURI et al., 2015a).
Marcos Pezzi Guimaraes, Juliana Lucia Costa Santos and Hudson Andrade Santos for their help in the endoparasite analysis; Nelson Henrique de Almeida Curi for suggestions; CNPq and CAPES for the scholarships granted to RLM and AMOP respectively.
Por outro lado, os musculos esqueleticos, os pulmoes, o figado, o cerebro e, possivelmente, o tecido adiposo apresentam elevada atividade da enzima glutamina sintetase, sendo assim, considerados tecidos sintetizadores de glutamina (Rogero e colaboradores, 2004; Curi e colaboradores, 2005; Borges, 2005; Hellbrugge e Ornellas, 2010; Simon e Liberali, 2012).
9-Lagranha, C.J; Lima Senna, S.M; Curi, R.; Pithon-Curi, T.C.
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