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CURSORCurrent Set of Rows
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Beyond its utility for sketching, we believe the 3D cursor has applications in a wide range of fields, such as architectural design, medical imaging and of course computer games.
When the team reprogrammed the link between brain and cursor movement they found monkeys easily relearned how to move the cursor if they could use a pattern within their favored firing patterns.
The path of the cursor from the starting point to the target was straighter and it reached the target twice as quickly as earlier systems, achieving 75 to 85 percent of the speed of real arms.
AccuPoint, an "absolute" head tracker, uses a cluster of reflective dots placed on the user's forehead, fingers, or toes to position the cursor on the computer screen.
Considering the previous paragraphs, our group sought to create a hands-free cursor control system that would empower individuals who cannot use standard input devices to perform point-and-click operations.
All you have to do is go through the physical cursor and keyboard steps needed to perform the command and Excel will record and translate them into the macro language.
The NEF and Cursor diesels are designed with a rear gear drive design that Iveco Motors said enables the engine noise levels to stay low and improves the cooling performance because of the better airflow on the front section of the engine.
When we asked [the patient] to imagine moving his hands around in space, the cursor moved.
Move cursor on one of the x-axis numbers and double left click on it, to bring up FORMAT AXIS.
The operator moves the cursor to the particle of interest and presses the button attached to the stylus and then the particle is rigidly glued to the cursor.