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CURTCenter for Underwater Robotic Technology (University of Hawaii)
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Such was the curt remark which ended du Bousquier's meditation.
He was growing used now to the long waiting at the back of a shop on the chance that he would be taken on, and the curt dismissal.
"Why?" said Lydgate, who was much given to use that inconvenient word in a curt tone.
"I do not find myself at liberty to afford you any information," was the curt reply.
The First Secretary became suddenly very curt, detached, final.
The dismissal, and its accompanying finger pointed straight at the door, was so curt and direct that Mr Pancks did not see his way to prolong his visit.
With the unreasonable petulance of mankind I rang the bell and gave a curt intimation that I was ready.
There was no trace then of the horror which I had myself felt at this curt declaration; but his face showed rather the quiet and interested composure of the chemist who sees the crystals falling into position from his oversaturated solution.
Sudden comes the answer curt, Loud the fish-skin war-drums roar; Cease the plaintive "rainbow skirt": Death is drumming at the door.
She made a step or two with an unusual caution, and then, on reaching the broadest opening, obedient to the curt and whip of her fearless mistress, she bounded across the dangerous pass with the activity of a squirrel.
She appeared distracted by my curt: "Yes." Therese believed in my truthfulness.
"My wife was the one who saw it first," laughs Curt, who lives in Cary.