CURVCable-controlled Underwater Recovery Vehicle
CURVCable-controlled Underwater Research Vehicle
CURVControlled Unmanned Recovery Vehicle
CURVCombined Unit Reactor Vessel
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Curv, a cloud-based institutional digital asset wallet service, has partnered with Munich Re to provide insurance protection of up to $50 million for digital assets offered through its service.
Munich Re is to cover external cyber breach or malicious behaviour by Curv or one of its employees.
Caption: The Cable-controlled Underwater Recovery Vehicle (CURV) family of undersea vehicles, one of SSC Pacific's early developments in unmanned systems dating to the 1960s.
The CURV valve surface incorporated the possible effect of the valve curvature (using shell depth or width as a proxy) on the surface estimation, and was based on the formula of shell surface (A') proposed by Reimer and Tedengren (1996): A' = l [([h.sup.2] + [w.sup.2]).sup.0.5] [pi] /2, where l, h, and w were the maximum shell length, height, and width respectively.
A typical ROV implementation showing CURV III in operation is illustrated in Fig.
CURV Composite Technology captures exceptional mechanical properties by incorporating a process for weaving different composite materials that does not require additional reinforcement, such as with an additional structure, to maintain stiffness.
FAVORITE THING TO COOK: Potatas Curv. It is a Swedish meatloaf made with pork sausage, potatoes and onions all ground up together and baked in the oven.
The three-model Curv line, made with memory foam, is geared to providing millennial consumers with affordable memory-foam mattresses.
Cosmolite offers Samsonite's proprietary Curv technology (a registered trademark of Propex Fabrics GmBH) -- comprising of innovative and extremely light high-performance body, advanced impact resistance and durability.
The work extra hard to target their problem areas it can be done through specific exercises but Myleene Klass's flat stomach or be slim yet curv Ellison?
In April, SpineGuard introduced the PediGuard Curv, a device with a curve-tipped probe rather than a straight tip.