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CUSAConference USA (Collegiate Athletic Conference)
CUSACarleton University Students Association (Canada)
CUSACertified Utility Safety Administrator (US National Safety Council)
CUSACavitron Ultrasound Surgical Aspirator (vaginal metastases)
CUSACouncil of Unions of South Africa
CUSAConstitution of the United States of America
CUSAChinese Undergraduate Students Association (University of Chicago)
CUSACorrections USA (prison correctional officer organization)
CUSACavitational Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (Valleylab, Boulder, Colorado, USA)
CUSACitizenship USA Program
CUSACenterville United Soccer Association
CUSACertified Unix Systems Administrator
CUSAConservatism, USA
CUSAConcordia University Students' Association (Montreal, Canada)
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The board also called for upfront payments of $43,937 in rent and P78,893 in Cusa fee, as well as escalation rates for the computation of its back-lease rentals.
This was a Phase 2 noncontrolled clinical trial performed on patients with infrabony defects to test whether the employment of CUSA for treating periodontal patients.
Featuring unique and aesthetic stand-up packaging containing packets, Cusa Tea boxes sit well at check-out counters, in the deli and coffee and juice sections, as well as in the Grab and Go.
Together, the CUSA and ACT team provide real estate transaction services for lenders across the nation, including escrow closings, title insurance, and searches for title, tax, liens and encumbrances for new and refinanced loans along with default services for foreclosed properties and commercial title insurance.
En la introduccion general de la obra, Vallet explica que el origen de este trabajo lo constituye su tesis doctoral en teologia sobre la eclesiologia del Cusano, que le ha llevado a convencerse de la <<prioridad constante que Nicolas de Cusa concede a la Iglesia universal, aun reconociendo la perfecta eclesialidad de las Iglesias particulares>> (14).
Two chapters on Nicolas of Cusa address the question of whether the modern world can accommodate and integrate contemplative practice.
Comparing the intraoperative data, mean operating time (min) and mean intraoperative blood loss, both were significantly more in case of the crush-clamp method compared to the harmonic scalpel and the CUSA transection methods.
This participation by CCI generated further opportunities for CUSA licensed home textiles suppliers and their customers at the CCI booth.
Meco beat two opponents, Conalvias and Urban Construction SA (Cusa), in the final evaluation, after the three companies bid the same amount for the implementation of the project which will in the future connect to the Centennial Bridge.
Siegwerk Canada and USA (CUSA) hosted a grand opening event for its new Center for Printing Excellence.
CalCom FCU, Torrance, $56 million, 7,400 members, Fiserv CUSA; Family FCU, Wilmington, $8 million, 1,700 members, Fiserv CUSA; Federal Employees West FCU, Los Angeles, $12 million, 2,100 members, Fiserv CUSA; L.A.