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Edward Waverley se convierte, de este modo, en una suerte de "neutral ground, upon which the opposing elements of the conflict can meet" (Cusac 81-82), en el instrumento perfecto para reflejar el proceso de declassing del que Lukacs hablaba en su tratado sobre la novela historica.
All examples point at a heightened level of punitiveness and restraint, which Cusac associates with the better known increase in incarceration rates since the 1970s.
Anne-Marie Cusac, an award-winning journalist and assistant professor in the Department of Communication at Roosevelt University in Chicago, has ventured into the dark recesses of corrections.
In summary, the Company successfully completed the acquisition of Cusac Gold Mines Ltd, completed two exploration drilling programs at two different gold camps, consolidated the Cassiar Gold Camp, and completed rehabilitation work of the Table Mountain mine site on surface and underground.
Consider again, for example, Cusac's argument that the narrator, as representative of Keats, serves as an enchanter in the poem, specifically through certain moments that demonstrate his "presence as maker." Despite appearing to do the opposite, this reading emphasizes the verse's status as a poem rather than as an enchantment, for it stresses the poet more than the effects of the poem's language, thus implying the high-art status of St.
After Levertov's death, Anne-Marie Cusac, Managing Editor of The Progressive Magazine, wrote an essay with the poignant title "I take up so much space": Denise Levertov as Teacher" (Denise Levertov: New Perspectives, ed.
Cusac, Anne-Marie 2001 "You're in the Hole: A Crackdown on Dissident Prisoners." The Progressive (December).
According to Anne-Marie Cusac in the April 2000 Progressive, "at least eleven people have died under questionable circumstances after being strapped into a restraint chair." Yet they continue to sell like hotcakes.
For factual background information as well as hall of the present title, I am most indebted to Cusac, Stunning Technology: Corrections Cowboys Get a Charge out of Their New Sci-Fi Weaponry, 60 (7) The Progressive, 18ff (July, 1996).
It falls to me now to bid farewell to our ace investigative reporter, Anne-Marie Cusac, who is leaving us to become a professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago.