CUSCCarrier Universal Service Charge
CUSCConnection and Use of System Code (National Grid; electricity and gas company; US and UK)
CUSCCredit Union Service Centers (shared branching)
CUSCCredit Union Service Corporation
CUSCCanadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium
CUSCChesterfield United Soccer Club (Richmond, VA)
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Durante esos anos, en el terreno de las disputas entre las distintas centrales obreras, el SOIM alterno su ubicacion entre la USA (en oposicion a su conduccion sindicalista) y el CUSC, creado bajo las politicas del "tercer periodo" cominterniano.
We examined the internal consistency of the CUSC scale.
For assessing the correlation between the CUSC and the knowledge scale, we determined Pearson's moment correlation coefficients.
Our relationship with CUSC is a tremendous benefit to credit unions across the country," said Tony Catalfano, president and chief operating officer of Fiserv EFT.
So the year that Beach was set to retire from CUSC, he got a call from Elevations to serve as the board chairman.
The NGN, designed by CUSC specifically for credit unions, helps reduce fraudulent account activity by creating broader messaging fields, and builds robust custom functionality and connections for trouble-free credit union access.
CUSC president Leonard Jowers, vice president Bob Babanats and their staff bring to Imaging Business Machines an eighteen-year corporate history of providing moderate to high-tech services to a wide range of companies.
Jen Franta, a relationship manager at PSCU's Total Member Care call center operations in Detroit, said her organization uses dedicated agents for the CUSC program, increasing the staffing for peak volume times and assigning them to other clients at other times.
While our 160 credit union clients range in size from $20 million in assets to nearly $9 billion, we're especially pleased that 31 credit unions over $1 billion in assets have embraced the private student lending opportunity and chosen the Student Choice solution to meet the needs of both their members and the cooperative," said Jim Holt, vice president, sales operations of CUSC.
While other programs bring in loans from all over the country, CUSC allows the credit union to have a direct relationship with borrowers from the community it serves.
Enabling the dues rebate, said a league official, was the sale of shares in CUSC as part of a national stock offering advanced by the firm to finance switch expenses.
CUSC booked about $30 million in loans last year for about 15 credit unions, a number that has jumped to 73 this year, with 10 more under contract, according to Mike Weber, CUSC's vice president of marketing.