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CUSDCommunity Unit School District
CUSDClaremont Unified School District (California)
CUSDClovis Unified School District
CUSDChandler Unified School District (Arizona)
CUSDCentral Unified School District (Fresno, CA)
CUSDChester Upland School District (Chester, PA)
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7 million loan that it had previously extended to CUSD, but had recouped earlier this year.
the oldest building was constructed in 2001), and stronger academic performance compared to CUSD are the key drivers of the strong student demand enjoyed by CCCS.
The new energy control solution allows CUSD to remotely monitor and program the thermostats in its buildings, greatly improving the schools ability to monitor and control energy usage.
CUSD is committed to advancing technology in their district and they believe in the Infinite Campus goal of individualized education.
Charles CUSD 303 apart from other Illinois districts struggling to meet the changing demands of managing school business affairs.
Air Canada has turned in a first-quarter operating loss of CUSD 188 million (USD 161 million), a significant deterioration on the loss of CUSD 12 million for the same period last year.
PO Box 457 Location: Wayne City CU District #100 Address: Mill Street City: Wayne City Date: 3/28/2006 Event Time: 6:00 PM Town Hall leader: Elizabeth Reever, Project Director Woodstock, Illinois Organization Name: Woodstock CUSD #200 Email: goslovich@d200.
Celebrating its 11th anniversary, the mission of the CUSD Foundation is to assist all 50 CUSD schools, providing much-needed funds that affect every child in every school.
A union representing nearly 5,000 Air Canada employees wants the government to take a stake in the cash-strapped carrier, which hopes to agree a moratorium on funding its CUSD 3.
The district launched the CUSD Online Education Center in response to a new state directive that requires districts to provide the courses necessary for teachers to complete new California credentialing requirements.
Louis, New Athens CUSD #60 is located primarily within St.