CUSEPCollege and Undergraduate Students' Exchange Program (Canada)
CUSEPCenter for Unified Sustainable Energy Promotion (Missouri)
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4% 58% Variance Identified 4 4 Organization Institutional Funding Principal Involved for Research, UPR, Investigator (economical Rio Piedras Campus; support) Biopsychosocial Research Training Program (MARC); Social Sciences Faculty, NIMH, & CUSEP Research Results Results Facts Lugo, Rodriguez, Bonilla, Bernal, & Martinez Santos & Santos Sample (N) 45 351 Mean Age 33 22 Gender 82% women 69% women 18% men 31% men Main Level undergraduate undergraduate of Education Main Married Single Marital Status Residence Area San Juan, PR Puerto Rico Setting Mental Health Colleges Clinics Metro Area, PR Instrument BDI-11 BDI-S Manuel Ponton Not available Internal 0.