CUSFTACanada-US Free Trade Agreement
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14) Of course, the CUSFTA dummy also captures many other events or differences before and after 1989 which can be correlated with things that affect votes.
During negotiations, Ontario used the forestry sector to draw attention to broader concerns regarding CUSFTA.
8) We also checked whether the implementation of CUSFTA in 1989 had any anticipatory effects--i.
In other words, the statistics do not reveal a strong CUSFTA or NAFTA effect on overall services trade.
In summary, CUSFTA and NAFTA were very good for merchandise trade, while making little difference overall to services trade, though particular service industries benefited.
In the early 1980s, Canadian business leaders promoted the CUSFTA.
Canada had insisted on a binational means of settling disputes over unfair trade law enforcement as a part of the CUSFTA negotiations (see Gastle, 1995), arguing that U.
Court of International Trade (USCIT) and to the Federal Court of Canada, respectively, but the CUSFTA and later the NAFTA replaced this review with a panel of five experts from the two countries involved in the dispute.
Of these the most significant was the softwood lumber CVD case, in which the CUSFTA Chapter 19 panel determined that Canadian stumpage programs did not constitute a countervailable subsidy.
The economic incentives to reduce trade and investment barriers within the CUSFTA and the NAFTA have been primarily those of reducing the artificial barriers that burden the considerable trade already conducted between the member countries.
How then do we characterise CUSFTA and NAFTA in terms of the typology of REI?
Unlike the REI pursued by the European Union, the CUSFTA and NAFTA frameworks of integration leave important areas untouched.