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CUSPComprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program (Johns Hopkins University)
CUSPCertified Utility Safety Professional (Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network certification)
CUSPComic Update Script for PHP
CUSPCommonly Used System Program
CUSPCentre for Understanding Sustainability in Practice (UK)
CUSPCentral United States Partnership
CUSPCalifornia Unified Service Providers (Los Angeles)
CUSPCredit Underlying Securities Pricing (Credit Suisse First Boston)
CUSPCryogenic Upper Stage Project
CUSPCouncil of Unions and Student Programs
CUSPCyclotron Up-Scattering Process
CUSPCommittee on Undergraduate Standings and Petitions
CUSPCanada-US Partnership Forum
CUSPCommander Undersea Systems Pacific
CUSPCommittee United for Safety and Protection (San Francisco, CA)
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The crown is composed of orthodentine apart from the lower part of the central cusp which consists of trabecular dentine.
As modern hermophiles know, at times the southern cusp does appear markedly darker than its northern counterpart.
This presumes the vulnerability of aortic valve cusp to be drawn into nearby VSD as very high velocity blood shunts from left ventricle to low pressure right ventricle thus causing the cusp to prolapse.
e the perpendicular distance between the deepest cusp tip and a flat plane touching the incisal edges of the incisors and distobuccal cusp tip of most posterior teeth of the mandibular arch as shown in Fig 1.
As the molars have more than one functional and non functional cusp, a mean value was recorded.
The length of right atrioventricular valve and left cusp of left atrioventricular valve was significantly more in experimental group B2 than that of control group A2.
5) reported that the height of Left posterior aortic cusp was 11.
The talon is actually an expanded posterior accessory cusp with cingulum.
As dens evaginatus of anterior tooth resembled the shape of an eagle's talon it was termed as talons cusp by Mellor and Ripa.
The most common features were the shovel-shaped central and lateral incisors, high frequencies of the groove and fossa forms of Carabelli's cusp, the metaconules, the Y6 cusp pattern, layered fold, protostylid and cusp 6.
Not only did it leave the Spurs on the cusp of the knockout stages, but the strike saw Defoe equal Chivers' long-standing European scoring record.