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There was always a prophetic instinct, a low whisper in my ear, that within no long period, and whenever a new change of custom should be essential to my good, change would come.
Aouda and he had remained, despite the cold, under the portico of the Custom House.
As you know," and I smiled, "I am not yet familiar with all the customs of the Tharks."
This officer spoke to me in the language of Balnibarbi, which, by the force of much commerce, is generally understood in that town, especially by seamen and those employed in the customs. I gave him a short account of some particulars, and made my story as plausible and consistent as I could; but I thought it necessary to disguise my country, and call myself a Hollander; because my intentions were for Japan, and I knew the Dutch were the only Europeans permitted to enter into that kingdom.
There is another custom amongst them yet more extraordinary, which is, that the wife is punished whenever the husband proves false to the marriage contract; this punishment indeed extends no farther than a pecuniary mulct, and what seems more equitable, the husband is obliged to pay a sum of money to his wife.
We looked upon every trumpery little custom and habit which had obtained in the School as though it had been a law of the Medes and Persians, and regarded the infringement or variation of it as a sort of sacrilege.
"It is the custom in war," said D'Artagnan, "why should it not be the custom in a duel?"
Of the peculiar custom, prevalent among these people, of flattening the head, we have already spoken.
It was the custom. Whenever a loved pig died its owners were in custom bound to go out and kill somebody, anybody.
There is this analogy between the customs of the Lacedaemonians and the Cretans, the Helots cultivate the grounds
They will know of the saloon only in the pages of history, and they will think of the saloon as a quaint old custom similar to bull-baiting and the burning of witches.
Officers of the Custom House, too, which stood on the opposite side of King Street, often sat in the chair wagging their tongues against John Hancock."