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CUTEConcolic Unit Testing Engine (computer programming)
CUTEClean Urban Transport for Europe
CUTECommon-Use Terminal Equipment
CUTECleaning up the Environment (Westlake High School student club; Austin, TX)
CUTEConstrained and Unconstrained Testing Environment
CUTEChina University of Technology
CUTECanadian Union of Transportation Employees
CUTECollocated User Equipment Terminal (USAF SACCS)
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But he was so busy, talking to her softly at a little distance, that he only became conscious of this desire, simultaneously with Alderman Cute. Now, the Alderman had not yet had his say, but HE was a philosopher, too--practical, though!
Famous man for the common people, Alderman Cute! Never out of temper with them!
Always affable with the working classes, Alderman Cute! Knew what pleased them!
'And you're making love to her, are you?' said Cute to the young smith.
Alderman Cute was mightily diverted, and laid his right forefinger on the side of his nose, as much as to say to both his friends,
Meg timidly said, 'Yes.' But everybody knew Alderman Cute was a Justice!
O, he knew how to banter the common people, Alderman Cute!
The winner will be crowned The Chronicle Cute Kid of the Year 2019 and will receive a Love2shop voucher for PS600.
Martin left a comment on the video saying: 'Grabe ang cute niya!'
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