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An herb used as a folk medicine in Europe to prevent migraines did indeed cuth the number and severity of such attacks in a small study.
Division II - Fartown A 0Brighouse B 9, Kirkburton C 5 Holmfirth C 4, Holmfirth C -Brighouse A 9, Kirkburton C St Cuth Racq's A 9, Brighouse B 3 Fartown A 6.
STRANRAER ..9 ST CUTH ..0 STRANRAER went goal crazy to rewrite the record books with their biggest-ever win.
7717 Son [thorn]e tre was heun dun, And squir on- laid and scantliun, [thorn]e tre was als mete and quem, Als animan [thorn]ar-to cuth deme.
Keeper Kevin's just happy to stop the rot CUTH AT THE TOP LIVINGSTON 0 AYR UNITED 1 KEVIN CUTHBERT kept Ayr within touching distance of First Division survival - then admitted it was a relief to keep a clean sheet for a change.
Division II - St Cuth Racq's A 6 Brighouse B 3, Flying Feathers A 7 Fartown A 2, Fartown A Brighouse B 9, Kirkburton C 5 Holmfirth C 4, Kirkburton C St Cuth Racq's A 9.
David Hewitt of Cuth Roberts added: ``Since the Sun first published its allegations almost 8 years ago, Bruce has consistently maintained that he has never fixed or attempted to fix any football matches.
Division II - Brighouse A 8 Kirkburton C, St Cuth Racq's A 9 Holmfirth C , Brighouse A 9 Fartown A , Kirkburton C 3 Flying Feathers A 6.
1 R Bambra (Morp) 11:38; 2 M Cochrane (Morp) 11:45; 3 M Douglas (Gate) 11:51; 4 J Gibson (Gate) 11:56; 5 J Straughan (St Cuth) 12:02; 6 C Hall (Tyne) 12:09
Division II - Fartown A 3 Kirkburton C 6, St Cuth Racq's A 9 Flying Feathers A , Holmfirth C 5 Flying Feathers A 4, St Cuth Racq's A 4 Brighouse A 5.