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For example, none of the compounds passed the CUTL of 1,008 hours at 125[degrees]C for the sulfur based cures.
Even at 100[degrees]C for 1,008 hours, the CR and NBR/PVC compounds did not pass the CUTL requirements.
Neither the NBR/PVC compounds nor the GECO compound came close to meeting the standard for CUTL of 125 [degrees] C.
Beckett then requested the SAE Committee for Automotive Rubber Specifications (CARS) establish a committee to set up a procedure for measuring continuous upper temperature limits (CUTL).
Continuous upper temperature limit (CUTL) - the temperature at which the material retains 50% minimum of both the original elongation and tensile at break after 1,008 hours in an air circulating oven per ASTM D 573, Type IIA or IIB.
CUTL;INE: (1) Top, a Nipmuc runner tries to avoid being caught in a collision between Lunenburg and Millbury participants in a relay race.
CUTL;INE: Donald Moryl gestures as he makes a point during the meeting.