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CUTSCommands and Utilities Test Suite
CUTSConsumer Unity and Trust Society
CUTSCenter for Urban Transportation Studies (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
CUTSCenter for Urban Theological Studies (Philadelphia, PA)
CUTSComputer Users Tape System
CUTSCredit Union Tax Service
CUTSCanadian University Travel Service
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He had cut the whole of the meadow in front of his house, and this year ever since the early spring he had cherished a plan for mowing for whole days together with the peasants.
"By tonight," Jokubas answered, "they will all be killed and cut up; and over there on the other side of the packing houses are more railroad tracks, where the cars come to take them away."
Thirdly it was impossible, because the military term "to cut off" has no meaning.
The letters were very faintly and badly cut. He could only make out the first three of them; and even of those he was not quite certain.
"I have often," says Captain Bonneville, "seen trees measuring eighteen inches in diameter, at the places where they had been cut through by the beaver, but they lay in all directions, and often very inconveniently for the after purposes of the animal.
“No, no—I didn’t say it had been cut, lad; but this is a mark that was never made by a jump or a bite.”
But it was not so; in the evening poor Skye brought them back again, one by one in her mouth; not the happy little things that they were, but bleeding and crying pitifully; they had all had a piece of their tails cut off, and the soft flap of their pretty little ears was cut quite off.
For example, I was full two and forty days in making a board for a long shelf, which I wanted in my cave; whereas, two sawyers, with their tools and a saw-pit, would have cut six of them out of the same tree in half a day.
And Billy resolutely kept undivulged the cut in wages.
He cut bands all right for a few minutes, and then, Mrs.
One cut with my sea-gully and the HISPANIOLA would go humming down the tide.
As they sat on the grass by the roadside the shaggy man cut up the turkey with his pocket-knife and passed slices of it around.