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CUVCrossover Utility Vehicle (automobile)
CUVCompact Utility Vehicle
CUVCertified Used Vehicle (General Motors)
CUVCommercial Utility Vehicle
CUVCombat Utility Vehicle (Star Wars gaming)
CUVCute Utility Vehicle
CUVCurrent Unit Value
CUVCurrent Updated View
CUVCity Utility Vehicle (various companies)
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The company said that through the minority acquisition of Havana Consulting Group and, the ensuing equity partnership, CUV Ventures acquires guaranteed and coordinated national diffusion, in the United States, of the Revolupay remittance app, CubaFIN lending platform and other developing facets of the Cuba Ventures Division.
CUV Ventures has added Emilio Morales; THCG CEO, TV and Media commentator, dual American/Cuban Citizen, to the company's advisory board.
Lexus, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), is launching its LF-1 Limitless Concept CUV at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.
8 billion won investment for small-sized new engine development and CUV development projects.
I reckon Honda will have a job selling this new CUV (or whatever it's called).
The CUV diesel-hybrid concept uses start/stop operation as part of the operating strategy," said FEV.
Shipments of replacement passenger tires designed for sport and CUV applications jumped by 15% to 40 million units.
The Edge is a new 'crossover' vehicle, a new class dubbed the CUV, powered by a 3.
It is a new Crossover vehicle, a new class dubbed the CUV, powered by a 3.
Ford noted that the new V-6, which will eventually power one in every five Ford vehicles by the end of the decade, produces 250 horsepower and 240 pound-feet of torque in its CUV applications and utilizes a dual-overhead cam valvetrain that incorporates intake variable cam timing.
The firm, though, sees it as a Crossover Utility Vehicle, or CUV, that blends an MPV with an SUV, and says the S in Multi-S stands for Sporty, Spacious and Smart.
KIA has unveiled its next generation seven-seat vehicle, which it describes as a CUV.