CVADcentral venous access device
CVADCrime Victim Assistance Division (Iowa)
CVADCleanVent Air and Dirt Separator
CVADcyclophosphamide, vincristine, adriamycin and dexamethasone (chemotherapy)
CVADcentral vascular access device
CVADCollege of Visual Arts and Design (University of North Texas)
CVADConverter, Voltage, AC-to-DC
CVADCompressive Video Amplifier Detector
CVADchronic venous access device
CVADcentrifugal ventricular assist device
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This study used a descriptive design with a chart review of patients from the PICU who had a CVAD.
In the postimplementation group, removal of CVAD within 14 days of bacterial identification was more frequent (11 of 111 [9.
Cesaro et al (2009) found the incidence of CVAD occlusion was significantly higher in the experimental PPMV group (2.
Others require locking the CVAD with higher-dose heparin in a volume that is equivalent to the lumen and then require the practitioner to withdraw the heparin (to prevent systemic administration) prior to flushing with normal saline (ISMP Canada, 2004).
The central lines that most family physicians learned to insert during residency are only one of a dizzying array of CVADs in use.
Discuss the use of power injectors for administering contrast media through a CVAD.
CVAD thrombi are likely to form at four sites: (a) the lumen of the catheter, (b) the site where the catheter enters the vein, (c) the catheter tip; and (d) the external surface of the catheter (Haire & Herbst, 2000).
The CVAD was flushed with 3 mL of normal saline, and 3 mL of blood was withdrawn and discarded prior to obtaining the tobramycin level.
A patent CVAD allows for the infusion of intravenous fluids as well as the aspiration of blood from the catheter.
Dressing Change in Compliance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 * PIV/PIL changed q 24 hrs COMMENTS:-- * CVAD changed q 7 days and 24 hours after insertion * Dressing labeled with date and time (Observation) * Dressing change documented in the medical record * Gauze dressing changed q 24 hours (PIV)/ q 48 hours (CVAD) 2.
Finally, about half of parenteral nutrition patients have multi-lumen CVADs, which provide additional locations for bacteria to enter.
a viable treatment option for a CVAD complication that can