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CVAPCerebral Vascular Amyloid Peptide
CVAPControlled Vapor (Technology)
CVAPCitizen Voting-Age Population
CVAPComputer Vision and Active Perception Laboratory (Sweden)
CVAPCataclysmic Variables Alert Programme (est. 1994)
CVAPCommercial Vehicle Administrative Process
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For the salmon: Lightly season salmon with Aleppo pepper and salt, Place in a nonreactive pan with buffer and cook In steamer, combi oven, or CVAP at 150 degrees for 8 minutes, turning every 2 minutes.
that the difference in CVAP harmed the voters of the other five
In particular, it makes clear that ability-to-elect districts are not distinguished by population percentages above a particular threshold, such as "over fifty percent minority CVAP or VAP" ("citizen voting age population" and "voting age population").
By all accounts, this should have Texas Democrats waiting for yet another decade or two for CVAP majority-minority status.