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CVARConditional Value At Risk
CVARConejo Valley Association of Realtors (Thousand Oaks, CA)
CVARCorinthian Vintage Auto Racing
CVARClient Variable (gaming settings)
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Tambem foi comparada a capacidade de previsao dos modelos VAR e CVAR, onde a versao cointegrada teve melhor desempenho nas previsoes de ate seis meses, assim como resultados mais satisfatorios para a previsao do nivel e da inclinacao da curva de juros mexicana.
PPI-2], we found significant breaks in the coefficients of UIP and UIN in August 1990 and August 1985, respectively, while the coefficient of CVAR remained stable over the whole sample period (see Table A5).
VAR or CVAR tries to estimate the forward probability distribution of
However, table 1 shows that the greater volatility in Ohio relative to North Dakota is due to the greater CVAR in Ohio (UVAR is almost the same for the two states)--in other words, Ohio is more "volatile" than North Dakota because of the higher degree of co-movement exhibited by Ohio's industry mix.
Both AHDR/H4C and CVAR are leaders in their respective fields and in the forefront of fostering bicommunal relations on the island.
CVAR started its operations in September 2014 in Ermou Street, in the old town of Nicosia, next to the Green Line.
The festival will start on Thursday at 9am when the fifth annual conference on Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Othello's Island 2017 will take place at CVAR Severis Foundation.
In 2016 she participated in the group exhibition entitled Tempus Fugit at CVAR.
Published by 'a bookworm publication', and will launch on November 27 at CVAR, Nicosia.
After the quest participants can stay on at CVAR, for a chat and a bite to eat.
And, although bridal fashion didn't become much of a consideration until a decade later, for rich or poor it was always about the dress, "from the poorest village girl who would give her Sunday best a good wash and iron to wear as her precious wedding gown to the wealthier bride who wore Egyptian or later on European inspired silk gowns," says Rita Severis, executive director of CVAR which is currently host to Here Come the Brides
There were significant positive correlations between the scores for the five factors of the CVARS and the scores for seven factors of the 16PF, and significant negative correlations between the scores for the five factors of the CVARS and the scores for five factors of the 16PF (see Table 1).