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CVARConditional Value At Risk
CVARConejo Valley Association of Realtors (Thousand Oaks, CA)
CVARCorinthian Vintage Auto Racing
CVARClient Variable (gaming settings)
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Dr Rita Severis will present and analyse a painting from the CVAR collection.
PPI-2], we found significant breaks in the coefficients of UIP and UIN in August 1990 and August 1985, respectively, while the coefficient of CVAR remained stable over the whole sample period (see Table A5).
Abs], test equations are obtained by replacing all squared terms by the corresponding absolute values and the CVAR term by its square root.
However, table 1 shows that the greater volatility in Ohio relative to North Dakota is due to the greater CVAR in Ohio (UVAR is almost the same for the two states)--in other words, Ohio is more "volatile" than North Dakota because of the higher degree of co-movement exhibited by Ohio's industry mix.
After controlling for these variables, we expect the coefficient of UVAR to be positive and that of CVAR to be negative, since as we discussed before, greater volatility would increase the demand for temporary workers, while greater correlation of output fluctuations among industries may shift down the supply curve of temporary workers and lower the use of temporary workers.
7) In column 1 of table 4, we consider the effects of both UVAR and CVAR on the shares of temporary employment across the states.
However, the negative coefficient for CVAR indicates that, for a given level of UVAR, THS employment shares are lower if output fluctuations tend to coincide across industries.
Simshar will be screened at Technoplis 20 and CVAR on Thursday.
There's much to see," says Dr Rita Severis Art Historian and Executive Director of the CVAR.
It will be held at the CVAR, with access to onsite cafe / restaurant Balthazar.
NEWLY-OPENED in September 2014, Ermou Street's CVAR (Centre of Visual Arts & Research), is a haven for the preservation and exhibition of Cypriot history throughout 18th-20th century.
As well as the permanent collection, CVAR hosts temporary exhibitions of both local and foreign artists.