CVATCostovertebral Angle Tenderness
CVATClaims Virtual Adjusting Technology (Independent Mitigation and Cleaning/Conservation Network)
CVATCombat Vehicle Appended Trainer (Marine Corps)
CVATCoalition Vulnerability Analysis Team
CVATCenter for Vocational and Advanced Training
CVATComputerized Visual Acuity Tester
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CVAT percentages are higher than those for the GPT at all ages prior to age 95.
De esta manera, se establece un nuevo estadio dentro del CVAT, definido por las caracteristicas propias de este espacio.
American General Life Elite UL F/ GGLPT; CVAT was used for 10 pays
Lincoln National Life AssetEdge VUL; CVAT Midland National Life Premier VUL 3; Monthly distribtution was used for the income scenario.
The addition of the CVAT allows for heavier funding of the policy at purchase or within its early years for cash value accumulation purposes.
Several Fortune 500 companies have already tested the CVAT model, which is a Microsoft Excel-based program that allows energy managers to compare the emissions and financial impacts for a full range of energy-efficient and renewable energy projects.
Penn Mutual Life Diversified Growth used for the Lifetime VUL CVAT Guarantee Premium Solves.
All other level death benefit comparisons use CVAT.
Midland VUL-DB CVAT used in these National Life guaranteed scenarios.
Ohio National Virtus Value II Minimum Annual Premium solves, Life F/G 10 Pay Premium solves, and Increasing Death Benefit comparisons use GLPT All Level Death Benefit corn parsons use CVAT.