CVBGCentral Virginia Blacksmith Guild
CVBGCedar Valley Botanical Gardens (Canada)
CVBGCombat Vehicle Battle Group
CVBGAortocoronary Vein Bypass Grafting (cardiology)
CVBGCompagnie des Vins de Bordeaux et de la Gironde (French wine company)
CVBGCarrier Battle Group
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The effectiveness of the CVBG in the littoral might be an early victim of this development--which might, in fact, see the effectiveness of manned air platforms, as a whole, significantly reduced.
And CVBG works in tandem with community organisation Merlin Venture which provides several services on the estate including a nursery and free transport for shoppers.
About 180 days from the certification event or planned deployment, the various CVBG players enter "tailored ship training availabilities" (TSTA I,II, and III) and work toward "blue water certification"--the ability to conduct sustained operations without divert airfields.
There are, to be sure, a few hints of new thinking among some senior naval planners about altering the current CVBG deployment strategy.
The operation of STRIKEFLT, with its two or three mutually supporting CVBGs, in the Vestfjorden and adjacent ocean areas meant allied sea control and air superiority along the Norwegian coast at least as far north as Lyngen Fjord, the northernmost of the fjords that penetrate deep into the key defensive positions of the Norwegian army in inner Troms County.
Ours is a relationship business," said Mark-Thomas Gavigan, regional sales director, CVBG USA.
Finally, CVBG operations enable the Canadian navy to develop professional skills in the areas of littoral and interdiction operations, for which there is no opportunity in North American waters.
During the testing with the Eisenhower CVBG, sponsored by the Program Executive Office for Theater Surface Combatants (Arlington, VA), three BQM-74 target drones were tracked by the USS Wasp (LHD-1) and the USS Cape St.
CVBG N4 staff logistics management of organic capability through the Battle Force Intermediate Maintenance Activity (BFIMA) and the Material Control Officer (MATCONOFF) programs; and
CVBG entered the international marketplace in July 2005 by establishing an office in Mexico City.
iSEEradio delivers the capability for listeners turned viewers to chat with each other and with the morning-show hosts, post messages on forums and take advantage of other interactive features the CVBG technology offers.
Such data systems permit commanders to blend the operations of several divisions, wings, and CVBGs into a coordinated, swiftly moving campaign.