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CVC2Card Validation Code (credit card fraud prevention mechanism)
CVC2Combat Vehicle Command and Control
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The subject of the tender is making adjustments and extensions software system components Centralized expenditure (CVC2) is to implement the possibility of controlled batch processing in the expenditure part of the Online CVC2 (hereinafter "CVON") during the transition to automatic processing of batches in all workplaces VZP CR and optimization applications for more efficient and full utilization of computer hardware capacity.
Most ATM cards are not yet printed with the CVC2 and 19-digit card number, and very few Austrian online shops currently offer this payment method.
The subject of the public contract is to undertake modifications and extensions SW components of the system of centralized expenditure (CVC2) consisting of the introduction of the possibility of controlled processing benefits of online spending CVC2 (hereinafter referred to as "CVON") in the transition to automated batch processing at all sites of the Czech Republic General Health Insurance Company and optimization applications for more efficient and full use of the computing capacity of the hardware.