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CVCCCentral Virginia Community College (Lynchburg)
CVCCCompound Vortex Controlled Combustion (engines)
CVCCChattahoochee Valley Community College (Alabama)
CVCCControlled Vortex Combustion Chamber (Honda)
CVCCCanadian Videotext Consultative Committee
CVCCCowichan Valley Camera Club (Canada)
CVCCCamera and Video Capture Card
CVCCComox Valley Camera Club
CVCCChenango Valley Camera Club
CVCCCatawba Valley Community College (Hickory, NC)
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All Civic engines now used the CVCC design and this new car was available in a base 1,335cc engine or an optional 1,488cc engine.
Two of the words were comprised of CCVC syllables and two were comprised of CVCC syllables.
The instructor read each CVC word as a whole word (such as jot as jot) or read a CVCC word as a whole word (for example, rang as rang).
In addition, being a hosted service, CVCC Express eliminates the need for buying hardware and software.
Conejo Valley Congregational Church, 750 Erbes Road, Thousand Oaks, will have a Mother's Day Brunch prepared by the men of CVCC at noon following the 9:30 a.
Using `V' to mean Vanilla-lover and `C' to mean Chocolate-lover, we can write only four different patterns: VCCC, CVCC, CCVC, and CCCV.
Clean Air Act of 1970, which Honda answered with its now-legendary CVCC engine in the 1975 Civic, making Civic the first vehicle to meet the federal standards without the need for costly and complex catalytic converter technology.
CVCC President Garrett Hinshaw said many area leaders and educational institutions and hospitals collaborated to create the hospital, calling it a "national landmark in health care education.
Specifically, trisyllabic sequences of the type CVCC.
He excelled in his MagnIT classes at CVCC while finishing his high school diploma.
Based on its philosophy of being a company "society want to exist", Honda has been a leader in the development of cleaner and more fuel efficient products for more than thirty years, beginning in 1975 with the introduction of the Civic CVCC, the first vehicle to meet U.