CVCECentre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l'Europe (French: Virtual Resource Centre for Knowledge about Europe)
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But CVCE were one of 100 projects who have been invited to make a detailed application.
Nonsense words in the story in Table 3 and the patterns that follow include ved, vot, tas, lun, nud, fap (CVC words where the vowel sound is usually short); kide, gite, vape (CVCe where the final e usually dictates that the vowel sound is long); Zummy, tassed, simmy, tassing, lelling, lelled, fapped, fapping (where the double consonant usually dictates that the preceding vowel sound is short); meeb, teep, neep (where double e is usually pronounced as long e); and blimpy, Zummy, Wicky, simmy (where the ending <y> is usually a long e sound).
Four activities were involved in Sounds and Words: (a) during "Letter sounds" pairs asked each other to "Say the sound" of letters and letter combinations; (b) "Hearing Sounds" provided segmentation practice as students stretched words such as "dog"; (c) "Sounding out" activities provided reading practice on decodable words with 3-5 phonemes per word, such as CVC (e.g., "cat"), CVCC (e.g., "fish"), CCVC (e.g., "stop"), CVCe (e.g., "cake"), and CVVC ("meat") patterns; and finally (d) "Sentences and Stories" enabled students to read to each other simple PALS stories comprised of previously taught decodable words and sight words. was designed and developed by the CentreVirtueJ de la Connaissance sur l'Europe (Virtual Resource Centre for Knowledge about Europe, or CVCE), a non-profit-making organization in the forefront of IT developments in Luxembourg
(Not counting implieds.) Decency lucked out for a change as these are all two-vowel CVCe pattern words while almost all English "4-letter words" are single vowel CVCC pattern, j'ever notice?)
The Community Voices and Character Education (CVCE) Project presents a model for moral education that is based on four ideals: (1) the consensus among leaders worldwide on the necessary characteristics of a citizen in the new century; (2) the conception of human goodness from moral philosophy; (3) conclusions from social sciences about what helps humans thrive; and (4) a common morality approach in which the particularities of a community are integrated with research-based principles.
Possible vowel pattern contrasts include 1) short versus long vowel sound patterns, 2) long versus long vowel sound patterns (e.g., CVVC, CVCe), 3) representations for long i (e.g., iCe, igh, ild, ind) and 4) representations for long o (e.g., oCe, oa, old, olt, oll, ost, ow).
Students with basic print skills engaged in more advanced phonics and word-study by recognizing, sorting, generating and writing word families (e.g., CVC, CVCE) using picture cards and word cards.
window pane (VCe, CVCe, CCVCe) Consonant-le pud dle A final syllable containing a rum ble consonant before le.