CVCICiti Venture Capital International (investing)
CVCICircolo Velico Canottieri Intra (Italian: Intra Rowing Sailing Club; Italy)
CVCICombat Vehicle Communications Interface
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In the clinical setting, some patients with potential DMV/DTI as the ones included in our study are induced under general anesthesia without proper testing; these patients would have the risk of developing CVCI resulting in severe hypoxia or death.
Beat-to-beat MAP and MCAv were determined, and the cerebrovascular conductance index(CVCi) was calculated by dividing MCAv by MAP.
Among items, only two (items 9 and 13) presented CVCi below .80 as recommended in the literature.
Table 2: The values of CVCI content validity index of variables.
The transaction presents an opportunity for Levant Capital and CVCI to capitalize on the growth in consumer-driven demand and the increasingly attractive middle income segment of the Gulf region's largest economy.
Al Raya, based in Jeddah, operates 25 supermarkets across 14 cities in Saudi Arabia, and had posted sales of 800 million riyals ($213 million) in 2011, a joint statement from Citi Venture Capital International (CVCI) and Levant said.
Citi Venture Capital International (CVCI) and NBGI Private Equity (NBGI) have signed an agreement for the acquistion of Bulgarian confectionary company Prestige 96 OOD, a leader on the local market.
The karyotypes were also analyzed by (a) Stebbins (1958) two-way system; (b) Romero Zarco (1986) intra (A1) and inter (A2) chromosomal system; and (c) AI index as proposed by Paszko (2006) which is composed by the chromosome length (CVcl) coefficient of variation and by centromeric index (CVci) coefficient of variation.
PiLS and Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVCI) took over Biofarma in 2007 paying about USD200m for it.
The Sofia-based company told Feedinfo News Service: "Investment funds advised by Citi Venture Capital International (CVCI) have entered into binding agreements to acquire an approximately 38% stake in Huvepharma AD, a global player in the animal health market domiciled in Bulgaria, in a transaction involving a primary issuance as well as a purchase from its existing controlling shareholders, including Advance Properties OOD."