CVCPCommittee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (UK)
CVCPCommittee of Vice Chancellors and Principals (UK)
CVCPCrime Victim Compensation Program (various states)
CVCPCouncil of Vice Chancellors and Principals (UK)
CVCPCrown Valley Community Park (Laguna Niguel, CA)
CVCPCoding Violation C-bit - Path
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Already supported by senior university management, the CVCP, there was sufficient indication that this would have been welcomed in government circles.
Investors in People, USDU Briefing Paper Two, CVCP, Sheffield, October 1993.
to Reverse split the current issued and outstanding common shares of CVCP on a 500:1 basis, to issue post-split shares to the holders of Paw4mance, settle outstanding debts of the corporation and amend its officers and directors list to reflect the new management of Paw4mance with the State of Nevada.
The Jarratt Report (Steering Committee, 1985) led to establishment in 1990, by the CVCP, of an Academic Audit Unit, with a mandate to develop processes for audit of quality of teaching and of management in universities.
Cavico, which previously traded under CVCP on Pink Sheets, has filed a Form 10 with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and is attempting to re-list on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.
Working together, Global and CVCP created the foundation for globalcentara, a financial management system focused on the unique needs of the healthcare industry and capable of managing the cost-effective practice of package pricing.
The company's former Pink Sheets ticker symbol, CVCP, has been assigned to another completely unrelated company.
Due to Cavico's recent filing of Form 12-J with the Securities and Exchange Commission, stock market profiles and quotes are no longer accessible under the ticker symbol CVCP.