CVDLCongreso Veterinario de Leon (Spanish: Leon Veterinary Congress; Mexico)
CVDLCentral Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (various locations)
CVDLCyberSoft Virus Description Language
CVDLChronic Venous Disorders of the Leg (pharmacology)
CVDLConnecticut Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (University of Connecticut)
CVDLContinuous Variable Delay Line
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After discussions with the CVDL managers, changes were made to improve patient flow by eliminating patient waiting times for laboratory results and improving communication between the triage nurse coordinators and procedure room floor coordinators (Fig.
For the triage area of our CVDL unit, multiple factors must come together before the patient is admitted to the procedure.
We chose to measure the effect of laboratory testing on the final CVDL process outcome, patient wait time.
These outcomes, however, could not have been achieved without integrating POCT into clinical management on the CVDL unit.
We obtained POCT results that allowed the CVDL staff to triage their patients based on pathways developed previously from central laboratory testing without modification.
This site will be connected by pneumatic tube to the CVDL unit within a few months.
Ludema says the CVDL is uniquely qualified to train world leaders because of Benedictine's internationally-recognized Ph.