CVDLCongreso Veterinario de Leon (Spanish: Leon Veterinary Congress; Mexico)
CVDLCentral Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (various locations)
CVDLCyberSoft Virus Description Language
CVDLChronic Venous Disorders of the Leg (pharmacology)
CVDLConnecticut Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (University of Connecticut)
CVDLContinuous Variable Delay Line
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For the triage area of our CVDL unit, multiple factors must come together before the patient is admitted to the procedure.
We chose to measure the effect of laboratory testing on the final CVDL process outcome, patient wait time.
These outcomes, however, could not have been achieved without integrating POCT into clinical management on the CVDL unit.
We obtained POCT results that allowed the CVDL staff to triage their patients based on pathways developed previously from central laboratory testing without modification.
This site will be connected by pneumatic tube to the CVDL unit within a few months.
The final choice selected for our institution was to maintain the TAS analyzer in CVDL and to utilize the pneumatic tube system to transport plasma samples to the central chemistry laboratory for electrolytes and renal tests.
For example, a 50 [micro]s CVDL provides up to 7.5 km of range with 0.75 m repeatability (5 ns).
Given the relationship between the [[tau].sub.d] time delay (distance to a target), and the acoustic velocity, the required translation parameters for the CVDL can be determined.
The unit consists of an RF front end, the delay unit (CVDL), Doppler signature and RCS enhancement unit.
Investigations are underway to extend the CVDL concept into a multiple false target generator.
A CVDL based multiple false target generator could be made to mimic a wide variety of scenarios by putting the laser diode intensity under computer control.
Using AO techniques, CVDL based simulators with bandwidths up to 80 MHz are available at user specified frequencies.