CVDMCommissariaat voor de Media (Dutch: Commissioner for the Media; Netherlands)
CVDMColor Visual Difference Model
CVDMCellular Voice & Data Module
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The CVDM and the derived expressions in (7c)-(8c) can be validated by each other.
3]) in (27c), we use the CVDM, to avoid rather complicated analytical derivations.
For 2D analysis, the third-order derivatives are computed by both CVDM and analytical expression.
In this section, the first example is given to show the advantage of CVDM over a difference method.
The dependence of the derivatives on h for the CVDM and the difference method is examined, and the results are listed in Table 1.
However, the result of the CVDM tends to be independent of h as the step size becomes sufficiently small.
Firstly, the accuracy of the CVDM for the proposed technique is validated.