CVDMCommissariaat voor de Media (Dutch: Commissioner for the Media; Netherlands)
CVDMConvex Virtual Disk Manager
CVDMColor Visual Difference Model
CVDMCellular Voice & Data Module
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This becomes even more striking when, in the Victim's Unit's offices in Quibdo, they refer to members of the Bojaya Victims' Committee (the CVDM itself) as the official representatives of what happens in the municipality (field notes, field trip 2).
Despite such feelings, the CVDM representatives have systematically refused to act as legal persons or other legal figures that imply formal representation of the community.
One of the visible arguments of the CVDM leader interviewed is that the formation of a legal figure of representation is the responsibility of the state.
It enshrines victims within the drama, and wares them out (Interview 2 with CVDM leader).
In addition to this, that state is fragmented into ambiguous figures which emulate its presence without representing its existence: CVDM members, community leaders, the women that cook for the community in the assemblies, NCHM officials with precarious contracts and an ephemeral presence.
It becomes fragile when what it brings is attention but not hospitals, when the community is listened to but it is not given a school, when there is management but no results (Interview 2 with CVDM leader).
The CVDM and the derived expressions in (7c)-(8c) can be validated by each other.
For [a.sub.IJK]([x'.sub.3]) in (27c), we use the CVDM, to avoid rather complicated analytical derivations.
For 2D analysis, the third-order derivatives are computed by both CVDM and analytical expression.
In this section, the first example is given to show the advantage of CVDM over a difference method.
The Advantage of the CVDM. A singular function is selected:
The dependence of the derivatives on h for the CVDM and the difference method is examined, and the results are listed in Table 1.