CVDMCommissariaat voor de Media (Dutch: Commissioner for the Media; Netherlands)
CVDMColor Visual Difference Model
CVDMCellular Voice & Data Module
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FACC of CVDM said, "The joint venture with PeopleMed.
CVDM was created by National Jewish -- one of the nation's leaders in providing disease management services for patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and emphysema -- and Western Cardiology -- a leader in providing clinical care for cardiovascular disorders - to create intellectual property to provide disease management services for cardiology patients.
The CVDM Software Developers Kit includes a Wireless Link CVDM-3 3W cellular telephone module, Hayes AT compatible modem daughter card, AMPS cellular antenna, PC interface test module with cable connector, Wireless Link's Cell Assist GUI software for Microsoft Windows95, and complete technical documentation.