CVECCentral Virginia Electric Cooperative (Colleen, VA)
CVECConnecticut Valley Electric Company (now Public Service of New Hampshire)
CVECCentral Valley Electric Cooperative (New Mexico)
CVECChester Vintage Enthusiasts Club (automobile club; est. 1959; Chester, England, UK)
CVECConstant Velocity Expansion Chamber (type of tuned pipe)
CVECCoronary Venular Endothelial Cell (biology)
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About AMERICAN CAPITAL ENERGY ACE is the solar developer and builder for CVEC projects and one of the leading developers and EPC contractors in the US.
CVEC was organized in 1940 and is headquartered in San Angelo, Texas.
To improve its market position and diversify its revenue stream, CVEC and a group of other ethanol producers founded Renewable Products Marketing Group.
This implementation involved running the DYCAST procedure for analysis regions every weekday through November 1, 2005; daily risk maps (Figure 3) were generated and made available in real time to mosquito control agencies via the CVEC password-protected website, the California Vectorborne Disease Surveillance Gateway (www.
The project is expected to result in significant annual cost savings to all of the CVEC member towns and counties.
CVEC is part of the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks Program (CVISN), a federally sponsored initiative designed to improve transportation safety and security and the efficiency of commercial vehicle operations by sharing data electronically among carriers, state and federal entities.
The primary components of the charge to earnings included: 1) a revised calculation of overearnings for the period 2001 - 2003; 2) application of the gain resulting from the CVEC sale to reduce costs; 3) a customer refund for over-collections for the period April 7, 2004 through March 31, 2005; and 4) amortization of costs and other adjustments required in the Rate Order.
CVEC represents approximately 6 percent of CV's consolidated revenues.
91) Net impact of CVEC sale recorded in 2004: Gain on discontinued operations (1.
Supreme Court extends the stay order related to the CVEC filing, interest and leverage measures will be negatively impacted in 1999, with interest coverages declining by 0.
01 per diluted share of common stock to consolidated earnings, reflecting the after-tax gain resulting from the January 1, 2004 sale of the assets of CVEC.
31, 1997, the PUC found that CVEC acted imprudently by not terminating its wholesale power contract with its parent.