CVEDCommon Veterinary Entry Document (Association of Port Health Authorities)
CVEDCommercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (various locations)
CVEDCombat Vehicle Electric Drive
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Once a CVED is created by the BIP, the receiving agency--whether the Defense Commissary Agency, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, or Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation--has 30 days to close the shipment out in TRACES.
Tenders will be opened electronically in accordance with 109 of the CVED.
Total quantity or scope: 5 lots, proposed a site and a treatment method for waste "bulky"> 80cm, waste "incinerated" in excess of 220 tons monthly and during 4-5 weeks annual technical stop CVED Vitre, waste wood, waste and gypsum plasterboard, polystyrene makeready.