CVFFCFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America)/Vogue Fashion Fund
CVFFConsistent Valence Force Field
CVFFCedar Valley Friends of the Family (est. 1992; Waverly, IA)
CVFFCoyote Valley Fish Facility (California)
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However, five years after, many indigenous ship-owners have gone bankrupt and the CVFF fund, which has accrued to almost $100 billion, remain undisbursed.
The bewildered ship-owner's threatened to report the Minister to the Presidency if the CVFF remain undisbursed in the New Year, and the Minister has dared them to go ahead.
It is the presence of the switching functions in Eqs 4 and 5 that distinguishes the reactive forcefield used in our model from the CVFF forcefield, which is included with Discover 95.
The initial geometries were obtained for both models by minimizing the CVFF energies until the maximum derivative was [less than]0.
The CVFF forcefield was augmented with new atom types, denoted as ccf for a carbon atom bonded to a free radical site (cf) and ccp corresponding to an aliphatic carbon bonded to an aromatic carbon (cp), to account for the formation of monomers via [Beta]-scission and the special stability of benzyl radicals.
He added, "NIMASA will ultimately make its recommendations to the honourable minister of transport, who will give final approval for the disbursement of the CVFF and going by this guideline, no company will benefit beyond $25 million.
Proceeds from the event will be donated to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund (CVFF), a program of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), in addition to American Express' overall $250,000 donation to the CVFF.
The CVFF program helps emerging American design talent find continued success in the business of fashion by providing ongoing support.
The CVFF was established to help emerging American design talent find continued success in the business of fashion.