CVHCompound Valve Angle Hemispheral Combustion Chamber
CVHHollister Municipal Airport (Hollister, CA)
CVHHelicopter Carrier
CVHClub Victor Hugo (French fitness club)
CVHCarrières de la Vallée Heureuse (French quarry)
CVHCedar Valley Hospice (Waterloo, IA)
CVHcontinuous venous hemodialysis
CVHCompound-valve-angle Hemispherical Combustion-chamber (Ford cylinder head design and family of engines)
CVHCrescent Valley High School (Corvallis, OR)
CVHColorado Vacation Home (real estate rental)
CVHCentrum Voor Huwelijkscontacten (Belgium)
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"In December 2017, the merger was completed, the $150,000 bonus became due, and Defendant CVH assumed responsibility for the bonus when it succeeded to the rights and obligations of CVL through the merger.
log([[lambda].sub.ij]) = [alpha] + RC + SP + MCH + CVH + OSD + MSD + USD + ELE + SLO + ASP
The CVH, cDAZL, cPOUV, and cNANOG expression and the miR-302a stem cell-specific miRNA expression were examined by qPCR (Figure 4, Supplementary Table 1).
There was an increase in the number of men contacting the CVH - up to 41% from 36% in 2015.
Sections of eight shoulders were retrieved from four CVH datasets (three females, one male; mean age 26.8 years), and the anatomy of the SSB in each shoulder was observed in the axial view (AV), sagittal oblique view (SOV), and coronal oblique view (COV).
Available images include those of the Visible Human Project (VHP; male and female) conducted in the United States (Ackerman; Spitzer et al, 1996, 1998; Spitzer & Whitlock, 1998); the Chinese Visible Human (CVH; male and female) (Zhang et al., 2006) and the Virtual Chinese Human (VCH; male and female) (Tang et al., 2010; Yuan et al., 2008); and the Visible Korean (VK; male whole body, male head, and female pelvis) (Park et al, 2005a, 2009; Shin et al, 2013) (Table I).
A investigacao foi realizada no ano de 2011 na Cooperativa Veiling Holambra (CVH), que apresenta caracteristicas que justificam a escolha por um unico caso.
Two new parts from Allegro MicroSystems Europe, the A1332 and A1334 have system-on-chip (SoC) architectures to provide high-resolution 360[degree] angle sensors based on magnetic circular vertical Hall (CVH) technology.
Epstein, VMD, CVH, of Wilmington Animal Hospital in Delaware, has blogged about her experience with leech therapy, formally called hirudotherapy.
But top scorers on the cardiovascular health (CVH) measure used in the study were not more protected against incident mental impairment than were intermediate scorers, reported Evan Thacker, Ph.D., of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and his associates.
High up an Oregon coastal hillside, among former log mill director home sites, stands the original 1969 Coquille Valley Hospital (CVH).