CVIAComputer Virus Industry Association
CVIAComputer-Assisted Video Image Analysis (immunology)
CVIACrest Véhicules Industriels Automobiles (French commercial vehicle company)
CVIAComité de Vigilance des Intellectuels Antifascistes (French: Vigilance Committee of Antifascist Intellectuals; est. 1934)
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Sessions in the morning will focus on market and business trends pertaining to HDMI, and will feature presentations from executives from the CVIA, HDMI Licensing, LLC, Sino-Market Research, Ltd, Best Buy Corporation and TCL Corporation.
As part of the agreement, Silicon Image and CVIA have agreed to work together to promote HDMI adoption among domestic Chinese electronics manufacturers, co-develop new technology applicable to HDMI, and collaborate on establishing testing and interoperability certification labs that complement the capabilities of the HDMI Authorized Testing Centers established by Silicon Image.
In addition, Silicon Image will support the China Digital Interface Industry Alliance (CDIA), an industry alliance consisting of major Chinese electronics manufacturers that CVIA is establishing.
In 2005, China manufactured 82 million televisions and 140 million DVD or VCD players, according to CVIA.
By promoting and supporting the use of HDMI by the consumer electronics industry in China, and by helping to secure a global reduction in HDMI annual fees, CVIA has affirmed China's leadership role in the global manufacturing of digital consumer electronics, and HDMI's position as a central part of this industry," said Hao Yabin, vice secretary-general of the China Video Industry Association.
Based in Beijing, CVIA is focused on promoting China's digital consumer electronics industry.
These forward-looking statements include statements related to the anticipated market growth and market acceptance of the HDMI standard, the anticipated market growth and consumer demand for HDMI compatible products, the role of HDMI Licensing, LLC, CVIA and Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers in promoting and meeting such anticipated market growth and consumer demand, the anticipated benefits of the reduction of the annual administration fee for HDMI adopters, and the anticipated role of such fee reduction in promoting the implementation of HDMI technology in consumer electronic products.
The gala was co-hosted by CVIA, CDTF, the Joint National Digital TV Test Lab under the CVIA Information Center and CDTV, No.
CVIA commits to promote the growth of the digital video industry.
Additionally, considering the fact that CVIA has been presented with more viable energy related projects than our managerial capacity could allow us to consider created a scenario under which the natural progression was for each company to form a strategic alliance with regards to their energy resources endeavors.
CVIA is a Tulsa, OK based holding Company with current assets consisting primarily of investments in its subsidiaries and high growth companies.