CVICComox Valley International College (Canada)
CVICCommunity Violence Intervention Center (est. 1980; Grand Forks, ND)
CVICCombat Visual Information Center (USMC)
CVICCenter for Violence and Injury Control
CVICAircraft Carrier Intelligence Center
CVICChristchurch Visitor Information Centre (New Zealand)
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With this in mind, we headed to the mass brief in CVIC.
ALL OF THE LARGE-FORCE STRIKE PLAYERS met in CVIC at midnight, had a quick debrief, and made it to the wardroom for midrats before 0100.
My pilot and I went to start the toils of paperwork: CVIC, NAVFLIRs debrief sheets, tanker cards and gripes.
How many times have you heard the CVIC briefer say, "Mother is working blue-water operations; your primary divert is NAF Western Pacific, bearing 350, degrees for 300 nautical miles.
Each day was Groundhog Day, with similar kneeboard cards, short briefs, routes, tankers, and debriefs in CVIC.
After debriefing with the intel bubbas in CVIC, I sped back to the ready room and looked for my shipmate.
After a quickie CVIC debrief, we all scattered to pack and be on our way.