CVICUCardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
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All patients in the study were managed with CVICU standard protocols and procedures including a program for mobilization.
Directly observed data collection ended when either the femoral catheter was removed or the subject was discharged from the CVICU.
The spiritual care professional in the CICU and CVICU was the project lead and the clinical educators from the ICUs were team leaders of the three main components.
The data from this case series suggest that early mobility and walking in the CVICU are safe for patients with femoral arterial catheters as no catheter-related complications were found in either the physical therapy or nursing documentation.
Amanda and William are now recovering in the CVICU at Packard Children's, and James is staying close by at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.
For those working in CVICU, you will be interested to read about the results of the study conducted by Mertin, Sawatzky, Diehl-Jones, and Lee.
This is a "must read" for any critical care nurse working in a CVICU.
Bonnie Elmore was a patient in the CVICU at Saint Joseph Hospital in Atlanta for five weeks.
Letters praising the care provided by Chauvin and our nursing staff have filled the letters pages of the local newspaper, the Log Cabin Democrat, as well as the bulletin board of our new CVICU.
The 230,000 square-foot facility houses 147 patient beds, including a 20-bed shortstay unit, CVICU cardiology care unit and six cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs, as well as access to 11 VIP suites with hotel services and library area.
0 mmol/L would result in decreased CVICU length of stay (LOS) and total hospital LOS.