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CVIDCommon Variable Immunodeficiency
CVIDComplete, Verifiable and Irreversible Dismantlement (North Korea nuclear weapons program)
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The occurrence of CS has been reported in individuals with CD, tropical sprue, CVID, and malignancy-related paraneoplastic syndromes.
A confirmation of CVID diagnosis was therefore made due to lack of LGL/NK cells and a B-cell maturation defect.
The Rastads have been living with CVID since Alec was born.
In 2002, Cunningham-Rundles et al were the first to report the simultaneous occurrence of both CVID and cranial MALT lymphoma, which they found in 2 patients among a larger series.
More experience is needed to provide a better understanding of the relationship between CVID and WNV.
Hakonarson and CHOP colleagues had discovered in 2011 that CVID was linked to the HLA-related gene region on chromosome 6p21; the current study confirmed that association.
CVID is a clinically and immunologically heterogeneous disorder characterized by hypogammaglobulinemia, recurrent bacterial infection, and an increased incidence of malignant and autoimmune disease.
Washington's commitment to the CVID formula and its refusal to reward North Korean cheating (by providing compensation for a freeze) made it look like the U.
Initiating additional trials in RA and CVID with apilimod mesylate represents another clinical milestone for Synta as we seek to expand the compound's clinical and market potential into new conditions in addition to Crohn's disease," said Safi Bahcall, Synta's president and CEO.
Negotiations sources said the United States plans not to insist that North Korea announce a CVID commitment, leaving the ''wording'' to Pyongyang as long as Washington can confirm North Korea's intention to scrap its programs completely and can verify the North's doing so under inspections.
His medical history included only CVID (for which he had received intravenous immunoglobulins monthly for the past three years) and recurrent sinusitis (prior to his diagnosis of CVID).
The United States, Japan and South Korea are adamant in their demand for North Korea's ''complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement'' -- the so-called CVID demand -- of its nuclear programs, a Japanese official said.