CVIICommercial Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (New York)
CVIICleveland Vocational Industries, Inc. (est. 1984; North Carolina)
CVIICommon Vehicular Instrumentation Initiative
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(78) <<Nos tamen non latuit, in quantum discrimen ex breviato iudicio principium indissolubilitatis matrimonialis adduci possit>>, francisco, Motu Proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus lesus, AAS CVII (2015) 960.
We may find a first taste of this in the opening lines of Canto CVII:
[28] Aishath Muneeza, 'The Milestone of Blogs and Bloggers in Malaysia' (2010) 3 MLJ cvii.
Os genotipos CV, CVII e CIX apresentaram o menor numero de sementes, sendo inferiores as cultivares e semelhantes a Roxa.
In June 2013, having completed my third year of a BSc (Hons) Podiatry degree at Glasgow Caledonian University, I travelled with recent graduate Podiatrist, Sian Steele to Colombia to spend a month as a volunteer at Children's Vision International (CVII) based in Bogota.
(48) Augustine expressed his ideas on commerce in various works, such as Enarrationes in psalmos LXX, Sermo I.17, Sermo CVII.8; and Sermo CCCII.16.
We are concerned with productivity transformations [x.sup.c] [right arrow] [y.sup.c], where the second period distribution, [y.sup.c], refers to academic lives of different lengths for different cohorts CI, ..., CVII. Since we have information about publications every 8 years, we can compute the productivity over complete 8-year periods (after period [x.sup.c]), denoted by [y.sup.c.sub.1], [y.sup.c.sub.2], [y.sup.c.sub.3], and [y.sup.c.sub.4], c = I, ..., VII, As a matter of fact, CVII is the only cohort with four complete 8-year periods; CVI and CV have three complete 8-year periods; CIV and CIII have two, while the youngest CII and CI have only one.
Lundin Petroleum announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Lundin Sareba, has entered into a production sharing contract (PSC) amendment with SKKMigas to substitute the existing Sareba Block acreage with new acreage named Cendrawasih VII (CVII), offshore north eastern Indonesia.