CVIICommercial Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (New York)
CVIICleveland Vocational Industries, Inc. (est. 1984; North Carolina)
CVIICommon Vehicular Instrumentation Initiative
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We may find a first taste of this in the opening lines of Canto CVII:
He wrote more clearly than did most of his colleagues, including Sombart, Tonnies, Troeltsch and his own brother, Alfred" (Roth, 1978: cvii).
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Os genotipos CV, CVII e CIX apresentaram o menor numero de sementes, sendo inferiores as cultivares e semelhantes a Roxa.
In June 2013, having completed my third year of a BSc (Hons) Podiatry degree at Glasgow Caledonian University, I travelled with recent graduate Podiatrist, Sian Steele to Colombia to spend a month as a volunteer at Children's Vision International (CVII) based in Bogota.
Husserl", en: Revue Philosophique de la France et de l'Etranger, CVII, 54 (1929), pp.
(48) Augustine expressed his ideas on commerce in various works, such as Enarrationes in psalmos LXX, Sermo I.17, Sermo CVII.8; and Sermo CCCII.16.
A diferencia del Sarmiento de los anos 1842-1849, Bello le tiene miedo a cualquier sugerencia de escision del espanol de America respecto del de Espana (Rosenblat 1981: cvii).
We are concerned with productivity transformations [x.sup.c] [right arrow] [y.sup.c], where the second period distribution, [y.sup.c], refers to academic lives of different lengths for different cohorts CI, ..., CVII. Since we have information about publications every 8 years, we can compute the productivity over complete 8-year periods (after period [x.sup.c]), denoted by [y.sup.c.sub.1], [y.sup.c.sub.2], [y.sup.c.sub.3], and [y.sup.c.sub.4], c = I, ..., VII, As a matter of fact, CVII is the only cohort with four complete 8-year periods; CVI and CV have three complete 8-year periods; CIV and CIII have two, while the youngest CII and CI have only one.
Lundin Petroleum announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Lundin Sareba, has entered into a production sharing contract (PSC) amendment with SKKMigas to substitute the existing Sareba Block acreage with new acreage named Cendrawasih VII (CVII), offshore north eastern Indonesia.