CVIICommercial Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (New York)
CVIICleveland Vocational Industries, Inc. (est. 1984; North Carolina)
CVIICommon Vehicular Instrumentation Initiative
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Canto CVII is concerned with the origins of the English legal system and, by extension, with the help it provided for the American colonists in their struggle for independence, a connection already announced in the Adams Cantos.
Quatro genotipos de Cortibel (CIV, CV, CVII e CXII) tiveram valores superiores as testemunhas.
I have been inspired by the work that CVII do, as the director has been a family friend for years.
c] (see rows 6 and 7 in Table 1), increases as we proceed from CI to CVII.
The fulfilled Sareba Block commitments are carried over to the CVII Block PSC and the remaining financial commitment for the purchase of geological and geophysical data shall be completed in year one of the PSC amendment agreement.
Pidal en la ensenanza de las maestras>>, Revista de Espana, Madrid, tomo CVII, 426 (noviembre y diciembre, 1885), p.
La version original de este estudio fue presentada como ponencia con el titulo <<1188 and all that: an intense parliamentary year in Europe>>, en el CVII Congreso de la International Comission for the History of Parliament, Councils and Representative Institutions, reunido en Paris, en septiembre de 2006.
To the readerly pleasures of the familiar text Decker's exhibit of "Comparative Texts" adds scholarly pleasures similar in kind if different in degree, such as the quatrains CVI and CVII that FitzGerald freshly introduced into the version of 1868.
Notas sobre la fortuna literaria de Balzac y Victor Hugo en Espana", Romanische Forschungen (Frankfurt), CVII, 1995, pp.
Unfortunately, although this means that Sonnet CVII was probably written after Microcosmos appeared in print, and almost certainly after the bulk of Davies's poem had been completed, we cannot confidently be so exact about the composition date of Sonnet CXI.
55) Sinodo de San Juan de Puerto Rico de 1645, Constitucion CVII, folio, 94 (Enfasis mio).
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