CVISNCommercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks
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The CVISN program focuses enforcement on high-risk operators, improves efficiency through electronic screening of commercial vehicles, and enables online application and issuance of Registration and Fuel Tax credentials.
Iteris is a widely recognized leader in deploying both CVIEW software and CVISN planning, design, and project implementation.
These services require a specialized combination of Commercial Vehicle Information System Network (CVISN) business knowledge, combined with intelligent transportation system engineering skills, and information technology skills for the types of technology used by the national CVISN system.
DOT has a goal of achieving national interoperability between electronic screening systems, as well as other safety and credentials components of the CVISN architecture.
The states of Maine and Nevada have joined 11 other states in electing to use Iteris' CVIEW-Plus[TM]software and services for their CVISN needs and to support cooperative efforts with other jurisdictions," commented Abbas Mohaddes, Iteris' president and chief executive officer.
Essentially, CVISN is an attempt to link the disparate intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies already impacting the world of commercial vehicle operations (CVO) under a single operating umbrella.
The contractor is responsible for the project management of the CVISN Program and ensuring that the statewide deployment of all projects identified to implement Core CVISN Capabilities are carried out in a timely manner and within budget.
We want several dozen cities with evidence of integration; a dozen or so states with a statewide rural architecture in place; and 20 states with CVISN in place.
The company was excited to participate in the expansion of the CVISN program in Idaho, said IRD president and CEO Terry Bergan, The expansion will complement their current Electronic Pre-Screening sites previously supplied by IRD at Lewiston and Boise and grow the State s network of fully automated weigh station facilities.
In the same time frame, eight states will demonstrate CVISN - California, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and, in a joint project, Oregon and Washington.
The development of CVISN, which will integrate several motor carrier information systems, is already bringing together these agencies in 10 states across the country, and it will eventually expand to other interested states.
In the future, most ITI and CVISN deployment will need to be funded by general-purpose transportation dollars from federal, state, local, and private sources.