CVJConstant Velocity Joint
CVJCrevalle Jack (FAO fish species code)
CVJCercle de Voile de Jullouville (French sailing club)
CVJComité des Villes Jumelées (French: Committee of the Twin Cities)
CVJChaudronnerie Vinicole Jarnacaise (French boilermaking company)
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The fixed CVJ on the tire side and the sliding CVJ on the differential side have been newly designed, the wall thickness of the hollow shaft connecting them has been reduced as far as possible, and a compact boot has been used to cover CVJs.
This new location in Brazil will be NTN's 18th CVJ production base, joining locations in Japan, the United States, Europe, Asia, and China.
Countertrack CVJ designs are used on the fixed joints of all propshafts, and on the wheel-end CVJ of front sideshafts of FWD, AWD and 4x4 vehicles.
GKN Group, a pioneer in driveline technology, has facilities in 47 countries around the world and produces more than one out of every three CVJ units per year worldwide.
Working in collaboration with the specialty CVJ boot fabricator, Dow Coming developed a unique silicone engineered elastomer to meet the challenge.
The 2009 CVJ report said that 10% of the adult population passed through the prisons during the dictatorship and that all of them "were subjected to the worst tortures.
Today's CVJ driveshafts are based on designs developed by Alfred Rzeppa in the mid 1930's.
GKN's new VL3 CVJ sideshaft system is third generation cross-groove technology that enables rear-wheel drive platforms to save more than 4kg of weight, yet deliver the refined driving experience expected of a premium vehicle through unsurpassed balance and reduced backlash.
NTN Mexico Manufacturing will meet demand for hub bearings and CVJ in Mexico for the time being, however will utilize free trade agreements (FTA) into the future to operate as a supply base for all of North America as part of risk dispersion and equalization of production load.
For some potential applications such as CVJ boots there is also a requirement for good dynamic properties.