CVJConstant Velocity Joint
CVJCercle de Voile de Jullouville (French sailing club)
CVJComité des Villes Jumelées (French: Committee of the Twin Cities)
CVJCrevalle Jack (FAO fish species code)
CVJChaudronnerie Vinicole Jarnacaise (French boilermaking company)
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This demographic shift was reflected in the percentages of female authorship, in general, and among lead authorship of CVJ articles, in particular.
Conclusion: Posterior decompression with occipitocervical fusion and fixation is safe and can be recommended in cases of CVJ compression.
GKNs SX joint with patented Countertrack technology employs a high-efficiency design that increases torque capacity up to 25% compared to a similarly-sized six-ball CVJ.
Desde el Boletin semanal del MBS, el CVJ ademas de dirigir preguntas a los padres ("?
This is due to the fact that the plunging CVJ generates a third order plunging force along the slip of the CVJ.
As mentioned, the final list of journals included JCD, Adultspan, CDQ CVJ, CES, JAOC, JCC, JEC, JHC, and JMCD.
De hecho, pese a las dificultades antes mencionadas y a un presupuesto financiero estatal insuficiente, la CVJ pudo finalizar su mandato gracias al respaldo de varias instituciones del Estado, de las Iglesias, de las Universidades de Paraguay, de los organismos nacionales de derechos humanos y de la cooperacion internacional (15).
Similarly, CVJ was consistently high across measures and had the highest betweenness measure, indicating that it played an important role in connecting journals that might not otherwise have connections.
GKN Driveline supplies the most extensive range of CVJ systems - used in the smallest ultra-low cost car through to the most sophisticated premium vehicle.
This new location in Brazil will be NTN's 18th CVJ production base, joining locations in Japan, the United States, Europe, Asia, and China.
Westerbeek: Our products are used in a number of applications such as air inlet manifolds, air ducts, charge air cooler end caps, UTB covers, chain tensioners, FEAD pulleys, motor management gears, bearing cages, MTD components, air bag housings, brake booster valve housings and CVJ boots.
c] en el "tradicional" conjunto CVJ * de condiciones necesarias (pero no suficientes) para el [conocimiento.