CVKCampus Virchow Klinikum
CVKCentral Valley Knights (Angels Camp, CA)
CVKCode Verification Key (computing)
CVKCrater Valley Kibale Forest Resort Lodge (Uganda)
CVKCustom Virtual Keyboard
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due to locked-in syndrome, myopathy, or cervical spinal cord injury), regularly used an on-screen static AZERTY keyboard based on a personal computer with Windows (Microsoft Corp; Redmond, Washington) (the only operating system that can accommodate the CVK at present), and were not regular users of dynamic keyboards or word prediction.
Professor, Department of Nephrology and Intensive Care Medicine, Charite University Medicine CVK, Berlin.
I]t must be held that it has not been established that the notifying parties were arbitrarily forced by the Commission to propose the corrective measure consisting in the dissolution of CVK within a period of [deleted as confidential] from the adoption of the contested decision.
Annulment of Commission Decision, of 26 June 2002, relating to a procedure, declaring compatible with the common market and the operation of the EEA Agreement the merger designed to bring about the acquisition of joint control over the cooperative undertaking CVK by Franz Haniel & Cie GmbH and Cementbouw Handel & Industrie B.
The HFF team marketed the property on behalf of the seller, CVK Street, LLC.
The European Commission has decided to approve retroactively the acquisition of Dutch sand-lime joint venture CVK by Haniel and Cementbouw, after both companies agreed to terminate a joint venture agreement.
4-6 g N / L) CVK, Dispensing form: Infusion fluid, Strength:, Unit value: 1000 ml, Quantity in units: 10.
The Commission was concerned that Haniel already holds a dominant position in the Netherlands because of an indirect 50% stake in CVK, a co-operative consisting of all existing production facilities of sand-lime products in the country.
Haniel also has a stake in the Dutch sand-lime brick producers' co-operative CVK (Cooperatieve Verkoop- en produktievereniging van Kalkzandsteenproducenten).
Furthermore, on January 24, the Commission received notification of Haniel's and Cementbouw's ownership of CVK for regulatory clearance.
Part 1: CVK Part 2: CVK High Flow Partial 3: Piccline Open Part-deal 4: Piccline Closed Part-Time 5: Venue With Titanium Bound Partial 6: Dialysis CVK with Side Holes - Acute Part-deal 7: Tunnel Cuff Kateter Part-deal 8: CVK Procedure Package Part-deal 9: Port Cans For veneport Part 10: Dialysis CVK without side holes - Acute.
1 - CVK TP 2 -Stabilization Dental Clinic (transformer station 52):