CVLECollaborative Virtual Learning Environment
CVLECertified Vehicle Leasing Executive (NVLA program)
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A CVLE is a shared space available online where learners can interact, communicate, and build knowledge.
Some examples of software that can create a CVLE can be seen in Table 1.
In the CVLE every student can theoretically ask the instructor a question at the same time.
Secretary/Treasurer - Andrew Carr, CVLE, Quality Leasing Company, Inc.
Director at Large - Ben Carfrae, CVLE, Ruan Leasing
The prestigious CVLE designation, first awarded in 1985, is earned through the completion of four course sessions over a two-year period, and is only awarded upon the successful completion of all four sessions of study and requisite exams.
Currently there are 222 CVLE graduates at work in North America.
Currently there are 210 CVLE graduates at work in North America.
For further information regarding the CVLE Program or the NVLA, or to schedule an interview with Nancye Combs, please contact Elaine Litwer at 718.
NVLA Past President Bill Thomas, CVLE, remarked, "There is no substitute -- NONE -- for the value that can be derived from the person-to-person exchange of information, experience, and ideas that can come from networking with your industry peers at a conference environment, like that of the NVLA.
The highest honor awarded by the NVLA, the Clemens-Pender Lessor of the Year, was bestowed upon Harry Willner, CVLE, President of Fleetway Leasing.
Officers for 2006/07 elected by the members are: President -- David Blassingame, CVLE, of AutoFlex Leasing; First Vice President -- Tarry Shebesta of ACS Sales & Leasing; Second Vice President -- Michael Wood of Auto One Lease, Inc.