CVLPConvair CV-240 (airliner)
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Protein-based Vaccines HPV 16 and 18 E6 and Phase I/II trial Late Stage Cervical E7 (TA-HPV) in live Cancer vaccinia virus (n = 8) HPV16 L1/L2- E7 Pre-clinical C57BL/6 mice chimeric VLPs injected with TC-1 expressing HPV16 E7 HPV16 E7 peptides Phase I CIN/VIN II/III (amino acids 12-20 (n = 8) and 86-93) HPV 16 L2, E6 and E7 Phase I Healthy volunteers (n = 40) HPV 16 E6E7 fusion Phase I CIN protein (n = 31) HPV16 L1-E7 Phase I CIN II/III chimeric virus-like (n = 39) particles (CVLP) HPV 16/18 E7 Phase I Stage IB or IIA cervical cancer (n = 10) HPV 16 E6 and E7 Phase I Cervical cancer synthetic long patients (n = 6) peptides B.
Vaccination trial with HPV16 L1E7 chimeric virus-like particles (CVLP) in high grade CIN patients.