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There have been few reports in literature of PAPVR discovered after central venous line (CVL) insertion.
Despite intravenous (IV) fluid resuscitation, broad spectrum IV antibiotics, and stress dose steroids, patient became more hypotensive and IV norepinephrine was started through a right femoral CVL that was placed in the emergency department.
A specific note is made of the complications associated with two common index procedures, intercostal drain (ICD) insertion and central venous line (CVL) placement.
Failure to review investigations was a problem in 5 patients and included failure to review a CXR, which showed a misplaced CVL (1), a pneumothorax post-CVL insertion (1), a collapsed lung due to a mucus plug (1) misplaced feeding tube (1) and a retained blade (1).
The so-called 'community viral load' (CVL) off treatment was nearly four times higher on average in sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, and 5.5 times higher in southern African countries excluding South Africa, than it was in North America.
The researchers used a mathematical model to estimate that 1 in 7 HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa would not have happened if the CVL in untreated people had been the same as in richer regions.
All virus isolations and PCRs were performed in the NTUH laboratory, 1 of the 12 CVLs.
From week 1 of 2008 through week 43 of 2011, an average of 276 respiratory tract specimens from ILI outpatients were collected each week by the CVLs (range 27-1,028, SD 130).
The number of businesses entering creditors voluntary liquidation (CVL) - the standard form of liquidation - was also up by 11% to 191 in the same period.
Navy WW II carriers--we reviewed his book on the Essex-class earlier--this latest effort focuses on the often overlooked CVL class, lost between the big CVs and the smaller, colorful CVEs.