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CVLTCalifornia Verbal Learning Test
CVLTConvair CV-580 (airliner)
CVLTCentral Victorian Lion Team (dance; Australia)
CVLTComox Valley Land Trust (Canada)
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But when she split the group according to baseline CVLT scores, significant differences did emerge.
Although men comprised only 25% of the 272 relatively healthy study participants, they scored lower than women on average on all subscores of the CVLT.
The correlation of methylcitric acid levels with CVLT scores was independent of creatinine levels, which have been correlated with performance on psychometric tests in other studies.
However, the researchers did not consider the overlap in the two CVLT scores or the weakness of the WMS.
e) One subject refused the CVLT, and another was eliminated from analysis because the standardized instructions were misunderstood.