CVMLSCentral Virginia Multiple Listing Service (real estate database; Richmond, VA)
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The CVMM is established by the complex variable moving least-squares (CVMLS) approximation [28, 29].
In a more recent development, for two dimensional elastoplasticity problems, complex variable moving least square approximation (CVMLS) and EFG based CVEFG were proposed by Peng et al.
Some of the worth notable recent developments include development of extended element free Galerkin (XEFG) method for thermo-mechanical crack propagation, CVEFG using CVMLS for elastoplasticity problems, ICVEFG using ICVMLS for large deformation problems, simulation of failure transition in impact problems by EFG, local buckling analysis of steel plates with irregular openings by EFG, and adaptive EFG and MLPG approaches.