CVN-65Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier Enterprise
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I just had arrived for the first time at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, from USS Enterprise (CVN-65), in support of an Operation-Iraqi-Freedom (OIF) detachment.
The AIEWS is slated for installation aboard over 140 vessels, including Arleigh Burke-class (DDG-51) and Ticonderoga-class (CG-47) cruisers; Enterprise-class (CVN-65) aircraft carriers; San Antonio- (LPD-17), Wasp- (LHD-1) and Whidbey Island-class (LSD-41) amphibious ships; and the DD-21 Land Attack destroyer, currently under development
Two squadrons were deployed ashore, so the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) flight deck was unusually spacious.
During a night flight in support of combat operations off USS Enterprise (CVN-65), the Dragonslayer 611 crew of LCdr.
For example, he said, his first ship was the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65).
Our FA-18 squadron was deployed aboard USS Enterprise (CVN-65) and was flying combat missions in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom when an article in the summer issue of Mech caught our attention.
Coonts served as an A-6A pilot in Vietnam in 1971-3, flying from the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).
That's not a surprise since the CVN-21 will replace the aging CVN-65 USS Enterprise that has been sailing the seas since January 1962.
An airman performs maintenance on an HH-60H Seahawk assigned to the Drangonslayers of Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Eleven (HS-11) on the flight deck of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrer USS Enterprise (CVN-65).