CVNPCuyahoga Valley National Park (Ohio)
CVNPCoalition of Vietnamese National Parties (political group)
CVNPCoalition of Virginia Nonprofits (Richmond, VA)
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I walked all public trails and utility rights-of-way in the CVNP surveying for coyote sign such as tracks or scat.
In conclusion, this study should be considered a compilation of the general diet composition of coyotes in the CVNP from February 1998-March 1999.
The majority of diet items identified in coyote scats collected in the CVNP from February 1998-March 1999 were mammalian.
I did witness over 10 occurrences of coyotes feeding on deer that had been hit by vehicles along the many roads that pass through the CVNP.
I also did not find evidence of coyotes feeding on any domestic animals during any of my surveys in the CVNP.
Therefore, raccoons also may be eaten primarily as carrion, as they are frequently found dead on roads in the CVNP.
Coyote diet in the CVNP should continue to be monitored and further examined.