CVNSComox Valley Naturalists Society (Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada)
CVNSConcert Virtual Network Service
CVNSAircraft Carrier Navigation System
CVNSCardiovascular Neurological Services
CVNSContinuous-Valued Number System
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The FY18 appropriations bill directs a 20-plus billion-dollar investment into shipbuilding and conversion, and impacts programs ranging from VCS, CVNs, and DDGs to auxiliary ships, ship to shore connector, and littoral combat ships.
As part of a "strategic laydown analysis" that the Navy performed in support of its January 2009 proposal to transfer a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (CVN) to Mayport, FL, (142) the Navy projected that of its planned 313-ship fleet, 181 ships, or 58%, would be assigned to the Pacific Fleet.
Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)'s Shipboard Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Elimination Program recently marked a major environmental milestone with the elimination of the final ozone depleting CFC refrigerants aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70).
Just prior to the brief, our ops department got a call from another CVN in the Sound, asking for an airpower demonstration for their tiger cruise (can you believe it?).
Short-period RS CVns have a period <1 day, according to Hall et al.
It is easy to accept that the imposing, nuclear-powered Nimitz-class carriers (CVNs) of the U.S.
A safety shield is installed on ships that don't have the ShipAlts (currently installed on CVs and CVNs).
Tickers featured: ACN, ACS, BE, CBR, CSC, CVNS, EDS, HPQ, IBM, INFY, UIS.
"Truman had the largest package ever attempted and completed for CVNs on a first availability, but a lot of things we tried for the first time worked beyond our wildest dreams," McKernan said.
The SSDS Mk 2 will integrate with the CEC for off-board cueing and is planned for all CVs and CVNs, as well as LHD-1 and LPD-17 classes.
The bulk of the Supply Department is going to have the unique opportunity of serving on board three CVNs in less than a year.